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A partnership with Jeffco EDC protects your Company’s investment by securing future opportunities, resources, and removing potential roadblocks to your success. And most importantly, it helps us achieve the mission of creating access to quality jobs for all residents.

Your investment reflects a belief that economic development goes beyond just a simple jobs program, it is more than just growing the capital investment numbers, but rather a mindset that centers on enhancing the prosperity and quality of life through quality job access.

Our business and community values champion that sustainability goals and economic development are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. Growth and development are an essential element of healthy communities and our leadership can guide those processes in a deliberate and thoughtful manner. It is a belief that the healthiest communities start with the cornerstone of access to quality jobs for all residents.


Already an investor and looking to plug in? Join one of our committees today.

Government Affairs

Meets monthly to review local, state, and federal legislation, ballot initiatives, and regulatory items. When appropriate, makes recommendations for EDC position to the Board of Directors.
Co-Chairs: Jenny Nikaido (Terumo BCT) & Steve Katich (JE Dunn)

Develop Jeffco

Meets monthly to review countywide development projects for support. Works with local officials to advocate for development friendly and smart growth policies that support the mission of the EDC. Identify opportunities to enhance planning and zoning processes.
Co-Chairs: Matt Schlageter (Martin / Martin) & Jeff Mason (Benchmark Commercial)

Invest Jeffco

Meets on quarterly basis as a leads group for EDC investment. Works to build relationships for attraction and retention of Jeffco EDC Investors.

Co-Chairs: Jim Fitzmorris (JR Engineering) & Sean Maley (CRL Associates)


The Marketing/Communication committee meets as needed as the brain trust for the EDC marketing and communication needs. This includes review of local, state, national, and international campaigns – with a special emphasis on the local campaigns.

Co-Chair: Amy Estes (NREL)