Enterprise Zone


The Enterprise Zone (EZ) program is designed to promote job creation, business growth and development opportunities in areas of the county targeted for economic stimulation. Businesses locating within the Jefferson County Enterprise Zone may be eligible for one or several of the below state income tax credits related to hiring new employees, making investments in equipment, training employees, conducting research and development activities, and much more. Prior to each income tax year, a business located in an EZ must apply and be pre-certified prior to beginning an activity to earn any of the business tax credits. At the end of the income tax year, a business must Certify that the activities were performed. Jeffco EDC serves as the Enterprise Zone Administrator for Jefferson County, managing and marketing the program for the county.


Investment Tax Credit — 3% of capital investment purchases

New Jobs Credit — $1,100/net new employee

Health Insurance Credit — $1,000/employee first 2 years company in EZ

Job Training Credit — 12% of qualified training expenses

R&D Increase Tax Credit — 3% of increased R&D expenditures

Vacant Building Rehab Credit — 25% of rehabilitation expenditures

Commercial Vehicle Tax Credit — 1.5% of commercial vehicle purchases

To see if an address is in a Jefferson County EZ, please visit our interactive address map tool.

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